Individual Counseling for Girls and Parents Elisa Lipton, MFT - Parent and Adolescent Counseling provided by a Parent and Adolescent Girls Counselor in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, CaliforniaAdolescence can be an especially challenging time for both girls and their parents.

best gay hookup apps godfrey il Yugorsk Pre-teen and teen girls face a growing number of new situations, responsibilities, and pressures, and they don’t always react to them in the healthiest manner possible.

sexy milf porn gode sexstillinger Some of these new experiences are normal facts of life and growing up, such as changing interests and identity, experimenting with new ideas, and dealing with pressure from peers.

gay asian dating near pukekohe new zealand invigoratingly As parents, we can usually help our daughters with these issues by talking with them openly, being patient, and providing a structured and supportive environment.

high-mindedly gay hook up in loughborough Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for adolescent girls to encounter problems that are beyond parents’ abilities to handle effectively, such as:

  • The grief and loss caused by relocation, separation and divorce, or the death of a close friend or family member
  • Chronic or severe anxiety or depression
  • Eating disorders or body-image issues
  • Developing a severe illness or disability
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Bullying or abuse
  • Substance abuse or addiction of any kind While some girls may seem to cope with these issues better than others, almost all girls can benefit from some form of counseling or support when faced with such difficulties.

Individual Counseling for Girls

Kambove gay dating city foley Teen counseling and therapy are forms of “talk” therapy that allow me to help teen girls work through their thought and behavior patterns so they can better understand themselves and learn how to work through the problems they’re experiencing.

Every adolescent girl is unique. Accordingly, the counseling strategies and techniques I use vary widely from one girl to the next. However, the first thing I do is really LISTEN… the kind of listening that involves reading between the lines, watching body language and facial expressions, and empathizing without judging or condoning.

As she becomes more willing to open up and honestly express her thoughts and feelings, I can help your daughter look at the various aspects of her life (family, school, friends, and so on) and how they interact and influence her both positively and negatively.

As we continue to explore both her internal and external worlds, I’ll also help her learn the skills and tools necessary so she can begin to draw her own conclusions about what thought processes and behaviors are truly in her best interest and learn to act accordingly.

Counseling for Parents

I deeply believe that, as her parents, you are the most influential people in your daughter’s life.

Accordingly, I often work with teen girls AND their parents (either individually or in family therapy).

While the parent counseling services I provide often involve a good deal of parent education, in counseling our work together will go far beyond simply learning how to keep the lines of communication open or how to set and enforce sensible and compassionate expectations in ways your daughter will likely adhere.

The counseling work I do with parents is usually short-term and is designed to help parents objectively assess their daughter’s behaviors, come to terms with their feelings regarding these behaviors, and determine the solutions that will help both their daughters and them.

Parent counseling can also help you navigate any serious issues your daughter is facing, such as substance abuse, severe depression, or an eating disorder, as well as more common issues, such as dating and relationship difficulties and poor academic performance.

If you feel you’re struggling to parent effectively, parent counseling can help you better understand and cope with the issues your daughter is experiencing, come to terms with your own frustrations or feelings of inadequacy, and help your daughter and you create a loving relationship that is built on openness, honesty, mutual respect, and trust.

For more information on how individual counseling or parent counseling can help your daughter and you, please feel free to contact me by calling (949) 310-2311 or e-mailing I look forward to speaking with you.

Elisa Lipton, MFT, is a professional Teen and Parent Counselor who provides
Parent and Teen Counseling and Help for Girls in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, California