Retreats for Teen Girls Girl Spirit - Retreats for Teen Girls, Girls Retreats and Teen Retreats in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, CaliforniaJust as group counseling can be incredibly helpful for teen girls, short-term, more intensive girls retreats can help your daughter learn from and feel validated by peers while realizing she’s not alone in whatever difficulty she’s experiencing.

check this You’re undoubtedly familiar with the beautiful, natural setting of many summer camps. The setting for Girl Spirit’s girls retreats is no different. However, what is different is the purpose in taking three days to connect with nature, as Girl Spirit’s girls retreats are designed to help deepen your daughter’s healing and growth processes. During Girl Spirit retreats, teenage girls (ages 13-16) learn how to calm themselves, get in touch with and handle difficult thoughts and emotions, cultivate a sense of compassion for themselves and others, and truly listen and communicate with one another.

click here to read Through three days of fun activities, small group discussions, expressive arts to help communicate issues in non-verbal ways, time for introspective journaling, and guided mindfulness exercises your daughter will come to enjoy a sense of connection and safety many teenagers (and adults) are unaware is possible. Girl Spirit’s girls retreats are unique in that they can not only provide your daughter with the skills necessary to help cope with and overcome anxiety, stress, and peer pressure through an increased sense of self-confidence but also help her attain a deeper sense of self-knowledge and a stronger internal compass.

Can a Teen Girls Retreat Really Help?

why not look here While taking a handful of teenage girls with a variety of issues and putting them together for 36 hours of intensive group counseling, self-exploration, and bonding in a woodsy location may sound like a recipe for disaster, it can work wonders!

The truth is we are all more alike than different. Regardless of whether the girls are dealing with depression, divorce, a death in the family, bullying, self-esteem, family, or body-image issues, when they feel safe the boundaries fall away and the girls discover empowerment from each other and within themselves.

If your daughter can benefit from an opportunity to spend a few days feeling validated by peers while she focuses on her self-awareness and personal development, then Girl Spirit retreats can help.

Each of us already has the wisdom necessary to heal. Teen girl retreats can be the perfect venue to help your daughter become aware of and access her innate inner strength, deepen her self-understanding, and help her learn to make the choices necessary to grow into a happy and healthy young adult.

For more information on how Girl Spirit’s retreats for teen girls can help your daughter, please feel free to contact me by calling (949) 310-2311 or e-mailing I look forward to speaking with you.

Lisa Lipton, MFT, is a professional Teen and Parent Counselor who provides
Parent and Teen Counseling and Help for Girls in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, California

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